Hi Baba Mike

I need to say many, many thing that happen in these days!! Everywhere we went, all of people start to receive healing prayer with us!! And we started new class in a city north of Iran.

And 2 days ago when we start to talk with people and say some word (about God’s grace and love), all of people start cry, praise Lord. All of them was better after talking. But we need to continue with them.

Baba, do you remember one day I told you: “I hope all of people get and receive healing pray and people of Iran are tired??” And now we are near to this moment, because we see many pain in people and God let us to pray and talk. And when they cry they become better and receive healing we are happy.

Baba, I know one of your vision was: help Iranian people and teach people to serve other people. Yesterday I thought about you and wanted to say: Baba you helped us so much, and you will help more also, because I can talk and help other people. You teach me, Baba, and I thankful for Jesus and you.

I am sorry that I can’t talk so much (can’t write well in English), but I love you, and I use your teaching in different places, Baba. Your daughter and student, N

N., a pastor from Iran after a week of intensive training and several months of teaching her and other pastors over Skype. “Baba” is Farsi for “Daddy” – an affectionate term I was given after my first time with these amazing pastors. I have left the English as she wrote it.

It was the first time that I participated in healing and deliverance classes. This conference helped me to get deeper understanding of human beings’ inside world. Now it is quite clear to me the reason of every human weakness. It was very essential to me to participate in such a class because I want to serve people and I needed to know the human world and get such teaching. I am so thankful to God to let me to participate in this class. I always had a question in my mind about how people trust someone after they are betrayed and eventually they have to trust God. I am so thankful to Baba Mike teaching me how to lead people to first trust God.

Ali A., Iranian pastor after a 4-day intensive training in Healing Conversations and Spiritual Warfare

“Thanks for your class. I can already see that the healing that was done last week is helping me to be conscious of how I respond to people, and it gives me a chance to make a different choice. Now I have a choice to choose freedom. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for that freedom.”

A woman who attended one of our Healing Conversations classes